For over 30 years, River City Produce Company, Inc. dedicated itself to conducting business with integrity, caring for our communities and respecting our environment. Through sustainability initiatives, River City Produce Company, Inc. endeavors to be a responsible corporate steward of the environment and whenever possible, encourages eco-friendly business practices.

Our Partners
River City Produce Company, Inc. supports our clients’ sustainability initiatives and encourages strong conservation programs by:

  • Reviewing packaging options to reduce waste
  • Examining shipping routes for fuel conservation
  • Incorporating eco-friendly materials for packaging and business use
  • Leveraging data and technology to reduce redundant activity

Our Workplace 

Increased environmental awareness in our core business practices is important to River City Produce Company, Inc. Where possible, we seek to integrate sustainability practices into our company’s operations such as: 

  • Establishing recycling programs    
  • Utilizing post-consumer materials, such as paper towels and bathroom tissue    
  • Reviewing ground transportation routing to conserve gas and reduce emissions    
  • Turning off lights and reducing furnace and air conditioning to offices not in use    
  • Utilizing technology to reduce paper and mail volume internally and externally 

Our Neighborhoods 
River City Produce Company, Inc. is proud of its associates and their investment in their communities.  As a result, we encourage our associates to embrace River City Produce Company, Inc.’s sustainability initiatives and practice them both at work and at home by:

  • Using compact fluorescent lights    
  • Regulating thermostats and turning down water heaters to reduce carbon emissions    
  • Inflating car tires to increase gas mileage performance    
  • Purchasing ENERGY STAR qualified appliances    
  • Participating in community recycling and clean up efforts     

Did You Know 
River City Produce Company, Inc.:     

  • Recycles over 17,000 pallets a year
  • Recycles more than 378,000 lbs of cardboard annually. That’s 189 tons!
  • Donates over 240 cubic yards of distressed produce each year that helps make compost fertilize
  • Delivers over 52 loads of distressed produce a year go to a local animal defense center to help feed displaced animals.
  • Buys locally whenever possible to save on fuel emissions and not leave a bigger carbon footprint
  • Uses electric jacks and forklifts
  • Fuels after 6pm



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