Food Safety

To begin, we do business with well-established growers, shippers, and manufacturers who care about food safety as much as we do.  Our suppliers follow strict guidelines that meet or exceed those set by the Federal government. 

Next, any produce that is delivered to our warehouse is carefully inspected by highly-qualified members of our Receiving department.  Upon receipt, we ensure that acceptable refrigeration practices are maintained during transport of our merchandise. 

Once our stringent quality standards are met, we will store merchandise in a room specifically designed to maximize shelf life of each commodity.   Our Quality Control team carefully, and systematically, inspects our inventory daily for quality and rotation.

As part of our Food Safety program, several 3rd-party audits are conducted throughout the year.  In addition, we have a thorough recall.  We are currently certified by Primus GFS, Silliker, and the U.S. Army Institute of Public Health for Good Manufacturing Practices and Food Safety.

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