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River City Produce Company was formed in 1981.  However, our operation’s  roots in the San Antonio wholesale fruit and vegetable industry date back to the 1940's.

When the late Patricio M. Gonzalez founded our company he exemplified honesty and integrity in his business.  Everyday, we strive to exceed those examples set forth by him.

Today, we are proud that we remain a family owned business.   John, Paul, Michael "Nando" Gonzalez and Gina Gonzalez-Inglett continue to operate the company in the footsteps of their father.  Third generation family employees include Philip Gonzalez, Paul Gonzalez Jr., Annalisa Norred, Nicole Golden and Matthew Gonzalez.  We are located in the near downtown area of San Antonio Texas just off of IH 35 at S. Laredo St.



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